GBL for STEM Summer Camp in WIT (results)

Following the workshop on Video Games, students were asked to fill-out a feedback form to indicate whether they enjoyed the workshop, identify how it motivated them to embrace a scientific career (e.g., IT), and evaluate how it could be improved.
The respondents consisted of 8 boys and 6 girls. Most respondents were aged between 13. and 14.
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Most of the attendees found the workshop was fun (93%), and would like to carry-on creating games in the future (57%).
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After this workshop, most attendees felt more confident about programing (65%) and using computers (71%); 35% found that the workshop had motivated them to create video games, 21% did not share this opinion, and 42% neither agreed or disagreed.
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When asked about the aspect of the workshop that they preferred, attendees essentially found creating a game (29%), learning something new(21%) and playing the game they have created (21%) the most enjoyable parts of the workshop.
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The majority of the students felt that they would like to know more about computing or programing after this workshop (78%).
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Some comments about the workshop include:
It was the best workshop we did all week
it was great fun and i cant wait to brag to my friends how i made my own computer game. I was really great fun and i would love to do it again!!
I really enjoyed the workshop and it was great fun making and playing your own game I would have liked it to be longer so we could have done more. And learned about how to do other types of games.

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