Emotions and personalities in games

Research Programme:

  • Examined previous research on the use of video games to make learning more motivating and effective
  • Developed video game to teach mathematics
  • Conducted study in schools using the game
  • Results suggest that, for maximum educational effectiveness, games must be adapted to suit each player’s personality.
  • Developed the PLEASE model: Personality, Learning style, Emotions, Autonomy, Systematic approach, and Evaluation
  • Revised and extended the game in accordance with the PLEASE model

Math Quest:

  • Virtual Reality game to teach mathematics
  • Multi-level
  • Uses Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)
  • Uses emotions
  • Game-play adapts to personality of user
  • Different experience for each user

Current Research:

  • Conducting further user-studies
  • Initial results show that Math Quest is fun to play and improves learning outcomes