iGBL2012: Presentations

Morning Presentations

Stream A – Chair: Dr. Kate Madden – Room G18

  • 11.15: Representations of Self in Classroom Virtual Worlds: a Case-study of Pupils on the Autism Spectrum., Mr. Nigel Newbutt,University College Dublin
  • 11.45: Improving School Performance and cognitive abilities through Chess, Mr. Brendan Buckley, Chessossity.com
  • 12.15: MissionV – game-based learning through virtual worlds in 20 Irish primary schools.,  Mr. James Corbett & Ms. Margaret Keane,MissionV Education Limited
  • 12.45: Poetic Machines: The Essentiality of the Human and the Machine to Digital Creative Expression, Dr. Jeneen Naji, NUI Maynooth

Stream B – Chair: Mr. Brendan Kelleher – Room G19

  • 11.15: Game-based Mental Health Interventions, Dr. Gavin Doherty & Dr. David Coyle, Trinity College Dublin
  • 11.45: Assessing Eye-Tracking Technology for Learning-Style detection in Adaptive Game-Based Learning, Ms. Tracey J. Mehigan & Dr. Ian Pitt, University College Cork.
  • 12.15: Exploring Higher Education Students’ Attitudes Towards Serious Games In The Classroom, Dr. Pauline Rooney, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • 12.45: Our journey from ‘Fun Failure’ to Social Enterprise Start up, Mr. David O’Neill,  Uppiddee Inc.

Stream C – Chair : Mr. David Kane – Room G20

  • 11.15: Mobile Learning: Taking Game-Based Learning a Step Further, Ms. Claudia Ingbrude, Dublin Institute of Technology
  • 11.45: Gamified Innovation: Investigating and Defining Games for Creativity and Greater Good, Ms. Magdalena Slowinska, University of Westminster
  • 12.15: Spreading the Word: Using wikis and Blogs within Games-Based Learning Activities., Dr. Matthew Bates &  Mr. Jamie Tinney, Nottingham Trent University
  • 12.45: Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), Dr. Ronan Lynch, Dundalk Institute of Technology Afternoon Presentations

Afternoon Presentations
Stream A – Chair: Mr. John Heffernan – Room G18

  • 14.15: Kinect2Scratch, Mr. Stephen Howell, Institute of Technology Tallaght
  • 14.45: Word-Based Games., Mr. Stephen Howell, Institute of Technology Tallaght
  • 15.15: Using Simulations and Game-Based Learning for Information Skills Training, Mr. Kefei Ou & Dr. Patrick Felicia, Waterford Institute of Technology
  • 15.45: Do it Yourself: Simple Simulation Design with the Blender Game Engine, Mr. Trevor Tomesh &  Dr. Colin Price, University of Worcester

Stream B – Chair: Dr. Pauline Rooney – Room G19

  • 14.15: Creating Game-Based Learning Scenarios by Composing Instructional Design Patterns, Dennis Maciuszek & Martina Weicht, University of Rostock,  Alke Martens, University of Education Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • 14.45: Smart Games: Using Applied Neuroscience to Enhance Mental Functioning in Clinical and Healthy Populations, Dr. David Delany, Trinity College Dublin
  • 15.15: Maritime City – Analysis of Preliminary Results, Mr. Ryan Flynn, University of Greenwich

Stream C – Chair: Dr. Jeneen Naji – Room G20

  • 14.15: Integrating Serious Games in the Classroom: the Case of Users with Intellectual Disabilities and the Role of the Educator, Maria Saridaki and Constantinos Mourlas, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • 14.45: Gesture-Based Computing in the Maths Classroom, Alison McNamarra, NUI Galway
  • 15.15: Designing Educational Games using the RPG Genre: Student-Gamer Involvement and RPG Affordances, Ms. Sherry O’Sullivan & Dr. Colin Price, University of Worcester

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